We earn our money by helping you to expand your reach and to achieve what you wanted to achieve in the most sophisticated way. Our goal is making your business convenient, comfortable, and easy. We advance by reducing business expenditures and making finance operations super effective.

It’s our inspiration to support your long-standing ideas and bring them to life. Our major intention is to reduce your operational costs simplifying your procedures and improve the performance with the possibility of expanding your business geographically. Alongside with reduction of expenses you will obtain the flexibility reducing or increasing the number of offices or working force. It’s in your power to open new horizons for your business. New ideas are ready to be printed on the pages of your book of success.

ALBO ALLIANZ offers you to move your business, open your European representation or branch office at the lowest operational cost. As a result of our cooperation you will benefit from low corporate income tax, avoid double taxation, receive tax allowance on dividends, experience quick registration and certification process, open a bank account promptly, set up an office or a warehouse without any delays. You will be pleased by low costs of operations, predictable financial planning, wise and fair distribution of profits, essential protection by European Law.

See the advantages. Use the opportunity. Experience working with delight.
We are going to help you.

Cut your costs by expanding

Geography of your business is still one of the most important parts of it. When we choose the place we take into consideration specifics of your business and analyze the environment. Ability to grow, comfort and convenience to manage your business are also important in the process of its successful evolvement. But the most important is the real safety of your investments going alongside with prompt accessibility to it at any time. Diversity (changing the structure) of your business or relocating it without loosing your revenue plays a significant role without mentioning the reduction of unnecessary costs considerably. It makes you feel safe and less vulnerable on your own territory. This is a meaningful step towards the eminent safety of your business as well as your stable peace of mind too.







Bank within reach, within means, within time.

Is your Bank close to your office and a monitor of your computer? We will help you to choose one that is close and handy. Bank that pays attention to your business remembers about you and your time is a part of your business life you care about. Life conditions of our business should be qualitative and affordable. It should encourage growth and prosperity. The Bank shows us that it cares about our business with quick and accessible services, affordable costs, and desire of its stuff to help us. In order to be shure about our busines Tomorrow we should thing about our Bank as part of our business Today.







The are people who work for your even there

It should be affordable, accessible and convenient for owners, employees and visitors. It should be close to infrastructure and to main objects of cooperation and facilities of the City and Country. It should be linked to tech and administration support. It should be fully equipped, set and ready by the time of signing of the purchase agreement or lease. All these questions including hiring and training of the personal is something that should be clear before but not after the opening of the office. We can help you to make a fast decision by offering several sets of a completed turnkey product. It cuts the cost, speeds up the processes, simplifies the administration and makes your office run as you wanted.

  • Country                    Region                      Infrastructure 

    Mailing Address                    Office Address                    Business Address          

    Registered Office Address                   Main Office Address                   Service Office Address

    Mail and Address Services                   Virtual Office Address           

  • Main Office                    Branch

    Representative Office                    Service Office                    Support Office

    Supply Office                    Meeting Office                    Virtual Office 

    Telemarketing Office                     Processing Office

    Warehouses               Production Spaces              Exhibition Spaces          Operational Spaces

  • Public Trade                    Shipping                    Transportation                    Construction

    Fishing                    Warehouses                    Waste                    Natural Resources 

    Patenting                       Medicine                    Nutra Farma                    Environment

    Finance                    Audit                    Insurance                    Gaming                   Lottery 

  • Nominee                    Representation                    Management                    Administration  

    Legal Support                    HR Support                    IT Support

    Network Administration                   System Administration                   Office Administration

    Public Relations                Marketing                    Web Design & Visual Advertising

    Assistants                    Secretaries                    Receptionists               Specialists                           

  • Direct Supervision               Assistance & Support             Controlling & Coordination

    Budgeting Control               Expenditures Control             Revenue Recommendations 

    Implementation of Requirements, Policies, Standards, Procedures & Guidelines

    Independent Judgement              Recommendations                  Performance Evaluation

    Coordination of Work in Regions                    Training of Staff 

  • MORE
  • Your Company is in your phone

    A smartphone with 2 SIM cards that can send and receive calls, faxes and e-mails has your secretary, accountant, and personal assistant in your speed dial. It has access to a bank account, updated calendar and latest budget information. Your real personnel that was employed by your firm is available for you since you’ve activated the phone. Your real secretary and real personal assistant can schedule a meeting for you in your real office in 5 minutes after your phone got reception after its activation.


    Your Company is online

    A webpage of a company with main information about its services, contact details and link to major social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn is available in the internet just before your first contract. All Logos, colors, images and information in blocks are provided by you and everything looks exactly like you wanted. A domain, server installations, mail setup is up and running. It is under quality and competitive 24/7 support from the moment your company is online.

    Be close to something you care about

    Today it is possible to keep your hand on a pulse of your business even being away from it. We are passionate about our business. Money is not the only contribution in our commitment. We invest our time and energy as well. We will determine how valuable and profitable our investments are. Our goal is to regulate how to use our time with maximum efficiency and control the growing value every day. The very minutes and hours we want to use for our growing business and those we want to be close to are valuable. Sometimes it takes a lot of time and effort to be close to your business and move freely through Europe. Being close to your business and spending quality time with your family is your achievable goal.  

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